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How UVC kills microbes?

UVC - radiation has been widely studied and recognized as a disinfection method. It penetrates into the microbes' DNA causing damage whitch leads to the deactivation of the microbes.

UVC-radiation is short-waved UV between 230-280nm. The ozone layer protects the earth from the UVC produced by the sun. 

UVC in wound treatment

Doesn'r irritate, does not cause damages to the animal cells.

UVC-treatment keeps the pathogen population of the wound or skin infection in a low level giving the animals own body a head start to heal the injury. Microbes can create resistance to the antibiotics (for example MRSA) and this is a growing problem caused by the overuse of antibiotics. Microbes can not create resistance to UVC. In fact UVC is also effective against the antibiotic resistant microbes.

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