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Horse Wound Care with WCD Wound Care Device

Riikka Harjula shortened the wound healing prognosis by several weeks.


Riikka Harjula is a professional rider, riding instructor, and Level II coach. She has competition results, wins, and placements in international 145 cm classes. Her expertise lies in training young horses, having trained hundreds of young horses from starting them under saddle to international level. She has diverse experience in disciplines such as show jumping, dressage, and eventing. Additionally, she has worked as a horse breeder for years, breeding high-quality FWB horses.

For more information, visit Callisto Horses.

In the fall of 2023, Riikka relocated her operations to Sammaliston Stable in Riihimäki. Sammaliston Stable has been promoting FWB horse breeding and breeding for decades.

For more information, visit the Home Page | Sammaliston Stable.

An accident occurred at the stable, and a horse suffered a very large wound on its shoulder. Riikka mentioned that one of the most promising young horses had an accident and received a very large wound on its shoulder. Veterinarians gave this wound a six-week healing prognosis. The stable had the opportunity to test the WCD wound care device on the fresh wound immediately. After a two-week treatment period, the wound appeared to have a faster healing prognosis than expected! The device was used according to the instructions every morning and evening. The situation looks very promising for the future, and it seems that this horse will be able to continue its career as a sport horse! 

Photo series of the treatment from March 20th to April 22nd. 

The horse has returned to work on April 22 and the wound looks really clean.


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