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Hevosurheilu-magazine shares a story of Led Future's wound care device!

Hevosurheilu - an equine magazine from Finland - published a story about Led Future's wound care device. 3.9.2021 published article highlighted the birth history of the machine, the development work, UVC-radiations as a wound care method for animals and the field test results from the stable environment.

UVC-haavanhoitolaite Hevosurheilu-lehdessä
Haavanhoitolaite lehtiartikkeli

Hevosurheilu-lehden toinen sivu, jossa UVC-laitteen käyttöä vuohisissa olevaan märkivään tulehdusrupeen
Märkärupi vuohisissa - Hevosurheilu

Thank you Hevosurheilu for publishing our story. The permission to publish the pictures of the article was granted by Hevosurheilu-magazine.

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