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Help for Heel Sores in Horses at Ruukki Nature and Horse Center with the Led Future Wound Care Device

The Led Future WCD wound care device has been actively used at the Ruukki Nature and Horse Center, which belongs to the Brahe Educational Consortium. The residents of the horse center regularly suffer from heel sores, small wounds/abrasions, and occasionally, heel scratches. (Heel scratches are a skin inflammation located in the rear of the horse, also known as mud fever or greasy heel. In heel scratches, bacteria can penetrate through the softened skin of the heel due to moisture, causing an inflammation that is often painful and difficult to treat).

"In my opinion, wounds and heel sores have clearly healed faster with the device, and the horses have been very willing to be treated with it," says stable manager Hanna Niemi.

Here are two examples, both treated with the device for 6 days. The first picture shows a heel sore.

In the second, there is a picture of a wound on the buttock. Both have started to heal without inflammation.

Many thanks on behalf of Led Future to the Brahe horse and nature center for the good before and after pictures. Below is a summary of the horse center's activities (taken directly from the horse center's website). See Brahe's website for more information. Horse center The Ruukki Horse Center operates in connection with the Ruukki Nature and Horse Center. Education Center Brahe is responsible for the horse center's operations and the entrepreneurs and communities operating there for their own operations. Ruukki Nature and Horse Center has 20 private trotting horses for training. Professional trainer Mauri Jaara is responsible for training the horses. Ruukki Nature and Horse Center is responsible for teaching riding for its own students and for teaching riding according to the curriculum of cooperating educational institutions. The horse center's stable masters are responsible for the daily care of the horses. The horse center also has the lecturer of equine management of the educational institution and the person in charge of the horse center, as well as riding instructors. In addition, the horse center also has trainees who are gaining more work experience. Training center Brahe's own students participate in the daily care of horses and stables, horse training, shoeing and trotting and riding as part of their studies. Daily operations at the center are guided by a quality manual. Are you interested in horse training?

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